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  • Opened shop in 1878 as a modest traditional style convenient store (warung) on Moolen Vhiet Oost in the Colonial Dutch-era Batavia...


    135 years after establishing itself as the first coffee shop in Jakarta, Warung Tinggi is setting up coffee houses, as well as penetrating into modern retail environments, while retaining its value as an Indonesian heritage brand

    Batavia, Jakarta during Dutch colonization, holds a very important role in the worldwide cultivation and trading of one of the largest traded commodities in the world until today, coffee, and we at OPCO Indonesia,concept and brand owner of Warung Koffie Batavia, will be able to carry forward this message, while at the same time creating a strong identity and promote Jakarta with each market expansions and store openings. Every Warung Koffie Batavia outlets are identified by Dutch-Indonesian characteristics, that are present throughout its interior and menu. After successfully opening and conquering Jakarta market with outlets in Grand Indonesia, Senayan City then Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 3 Ultimate, the Jakarta-centric brand expanded to Balikpapan, Bali, Jambi and Makassar, with near-future openings in Medan and Pekanbaru!

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